A permanent discount in Neon Club – 500 CZK

In Neon Club we´re always happy when you´re having a good time. But if you´re having a wonderful time, it makes us hapy even more.

For your entertainment we want to reward you with a nice 500 CZK discount, if you spet over 3.000 CZK in our Neon Club.

And since you have almost unlimited possibilities of sexual activities, you can easily find a way how to make a spending.

Anyway we´re showing you a few tips how to spend money with pleasure:

A pleasant 1.100 CZK in the room you can have fun from 12 to 20 o´clock. With free whirlpool included.

If you visit us with your friend and take 2 of our beautiful girls to whirlpool, with a bit of alcohol, then your hourly pleasure will cost you just 2.500 CZK. Thanks to the discount, from 20 to 5 o´clock it will cost you lovely 2.000 CZK.

Lovely, isn´t it? So don´t hesitate and come to visit us.

We´re looking forward to you so much already.

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