Hourly Hotel Prague – Asylum for Lovers Prague

Hourly hotel Prague – Who is it for?

Hourly Hotel or Asylum for lovers?

The name speaks for itself. The hourly hotel is not a common hotel as you know it. The hourly hotel Prague concerns a short-term accommodation suitable for lovers and pairs looking for a place where they could pursue their sexual activities. Another name is attributed to hourly hotel as well – an asylum for lovers. There is no difference between the places having the name asylum lovers or an hourly hotel. They provide the same kind of service. In Prague, the term asylum for lovers is taken as more modern than hourly hotel. Asylum stands for a place where one feels safe, a place where you could stay if you have nowhere else to go. This also corresponds to an hourly hotel business – the asylum for lovers in Prague. Love hotel or an hourly hotel in Prague is designated to pairs of lovers that have no place to have sex. In hourly hotels – lovers’ asylums – the love pairs get everything they need. Priority of hourly hotels in Prague is to provide a quiet and discreet place that the pair cannot find elsewhere.

Services Offered by Lovers Asylums in Prague – Hourly Hotels in Prague

The lovers could also spend a whole night in hourly hotels; the hotels thus also serve as common hotels, not only as hourly hotels. The lovers seek for hourly hotels in Prague because they could relax together and have sex in private, discreet place. At certain stage of life one does not favour having sex or pursuing erotic activities somewhere in the countryside, in the back of the car or in some club. Lovers naturally cannot be taken home, so where do we go? This is the stage where you need to seek for an hourly hotel or lovers´ asylum in Prague. The privacy is a commonplace as well as hygiene and pleasant environment. Hourly hotels also provide other services such as refreshments – either at the reception of the hourly hotel or in the hotel bar or directly in the room. Hourly hotels in Prague also sell several little things directly at place. Among the little things you could purchase at the reception of hourly hotel belong the condoms, lubrication gels, erotic aids, and other things that the lovers seeking asylum in Prague need.

Special Sex Games are Welcome in Hourly Hotels

Hourly hotels and asylums for lovers in Prague do not necessarily have to cater for pairs only. Hourly hotels and asylums for lovers are suitable for trying new sexual practices such as threesome sex etc. You do not have to risk being seen by your neighbours or other people and have sex in private. Sometimes the hourly hotels or lovers’ asylums are visited by 4 or more people booking one room only – this is nothing extraordinary, you do not have to be afraid of the hotel staff thinking strange thoughts or having unnecessary comments. This is one of the biggest benefits of the hourly hotels in Prague and lovers asylums in Prague, nobody asks strange questions, everything goes smoothly…you just come, pay, and have fun with your lover, return the keys and leave. Nobody asks questions, comments things or investigates.

Night Clubs go hand in hand with Hourly Hotels

The hourly hotels and lovers asylums in Prague are very often visited by people who first had been to the night club, met an interesting person that they want to spend time with and do not want to take them home. Hourly hotels are perfect for such situations. Some hourly hotels in Prague or lovers asylums in Prague offer luxury rooms and high quality services. TV with porn channels is very common and is preferred by many hourly hotel and lovers asylum visitors. Another luxury thing the couples could enjoy when visiting an hourly hotel in Prague or lovers’ asylum is a whirlpool. The lovers could have a nice relaxing and intimate time where while nobody would disturb their activities like in the public pool for example. Should you feel like visiting an hourly hotel in Prague or a so called lovers´ asylum in Prague, we would be happy to hear from you, please share your experience with us, and add a comment.

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