Mistresses Prague and their SM Studios Prague

Who is a Mistress or her Male Equivalent?

Mistresses Prague

The dictionary describes mistress as a dominant personality, a woman master or tyrannical woman working in a sadomasochistic parlour. Another meaning of the word mistress refers to a noble lady from Roman times. In erotic business the mistress refers to a woman that thrives on the dominant position, that prefers to command and have control over someone and enjoys hurting this person either physically or mentally. Mistress has a dominant role. The mistresses demand an absolute obedience from their slaves, as they call their clients. The opposite of mistresses are the submissive people, who enjoy being controlled and given commands. Sexual intercourse between the mistress and her submissive client is not necessarily a commonplace. The majority of mistresses refuse having sex with their slaves. The slave follows the commands of his mistress. Some kinds of slave sessions could take place in public or confined spaces. The appearance of the mistresses in Prague is dominated by leather clothing. The clothing is very tight, shiny and very often complemented by metal artefacts. Many mistresses wear high heels, various stockings – netted or with special openings. The mistresses always have sexy and exciting underwear to tease their slaves; the prevailing colours are black and red. You can hardly spot a mistress wearing different colours. Another typical sign of mistresses is a striking make-up with black lines and bright red lips.

SM Parlours or BDSM Parlours Prague

SM parlours in Prague are places where Prague mistresses do their work. These SM parlours could either be part of some night club or could constitute a totally independent place established by the mistresses. Very common is to have a SM parlour within the mistresses house or a room in their flat. Not every SM studio looks like a torture room as seen in films. Many mistresses have a reasonably equipped SM studio. This usually depends on the practices the mistress provides. Some clients, on the other hand, do look for torture rooms. In these cases they can expect various cages, crosses, pulleys or benches. Many SM studios are equipped as doctor’s offices where the mistress performs something like doctor’s job and inspects e.g. clients´ body openings.

SM Practices and Mistresses Aids

SM practices carried out by mistresses or madams include dominance, various games in public, strangling, worship of feet – a so called foot fetish – various biting, hot wax sessions, bondage and whip sessions. All this is a daily bread for the majority of mistresses in Prague. Other practices would belong to the extreme group of SM practices include electrosex, blood involved practices, needle work, baby adult, piss or caviar. SM aids are a must. Mistresses use whips, quirts, ferules and rods to spank and slap different parts of client’s body. For bondage practices, straight jackets, bondage strips, handcuffs or feet cuffs, sometimes connected to the leash, are used. For bondage various lanyards or duct tapes or food wrapping foils are used. This practice is called mummification among the mistresses. Some mistresses have their studios styled into the very popular middle ages period; these mistresses use hand-made decorations and aids. Other important aids for mistresses are masks for slaves and gags, which are put into slave’s mouths. The masks are made of latex or leather and always are in black. Clinical practices like doctor’s office require medical inspection gloves, gynaecological examination chairs and gynaecological mirrors. Some mistresses possess various other special aids, often custom made for their needs.

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