Open wellness party at Swingers club Prague 1 already on 1st October

Prague can’t boast about numbers of swingers clubs but, our Swingers club Prague 1 is the one among the few that guarantees a grand entertainment. We’ve prepared a few themed events out of which everyone surely chooses the right one according to his or her taste, On 1st October 2013 the club holds a party called Open Wellness Party for singles, couples, and threesomes. You surely now guess that you can enjoy a relaxing whirlpool where there is also room for some action. Also, it’ll be a pitty to reject an invitation to a spacious show room for a real carnal challenge :) No matter what kind of amusement you choose, a drink from our bar is the cherry on the top.

Visitors coming to Swingers club prague 1 for the first time don’t have to be worried about anything. Moreover, they are allowed to stay in the club for free, because from 19.00 until 20.00 there is no admission fee. Come by to take a look around and decide whether you like and stay in or whether you don’t like it and leave. Don’t be bothered that if you stay, you’ll be forced to do something against your will. It’s only up to you how you’e gonna spend the night in the club. After 20.00 the entrance fee is charged – apart from the regular ticket you can go for the ALL INCLUSIVE ticket which includes refreshments.

ALL INCLUSIVE admission for Swingers club Prague 1:

  • single women: 100 CZK
  • single men: 1000 CZK
  • couples: 1200 CZK
  • couple+man: 2200 CZK

REGULAR admission (without refreshments):

  • single men: 50 CZK
  • couple: 500 CZK
  • couple+man: 1000 CZK

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