Police swingers party – Swingers Club Prague 1

Do you have fun from uniforms or they arouse you? If the second possibility is for you, we´ll probably make you happy.

Swingers club Prague 1 is helding 1st Czechoslovakia swingers party! Uniforms will be everywhere. So you can enjoy them as much as you want.

On Saturday, 15.3.2014 from 20:00 to 5:00 in the morning

Entry to police party will be only in police or prisoner´s dressing.

A man with the biggest „cudgel“ will receive a voucher to Wednesday gangbang party.

Couples in uniform have free entry. Single man 500 CZK.

Anyone in the most interesting uniform will be rewarded by a voucher for dinner worth 2.000 CZK. Visitors of the swingers party will be voting. So be careful about choosing your uniform. It can pay back very well.

Police swingers party will be in our program regularly once in 2 months. Particular terms will be clarified in advance of course.

Entry in uniforms:

Couples: FREE
Single male: 500 CZK
Women: FREE

Entry without uniforms:
Couple1000,-CZK (no drinks included)
Male 2000,-CZK (no drinks included)
Female 100,-CZK (no drinks included)

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