Saturday at Darling Cabaret in Prague

For each of us Saturday is the day to get involved in an exciting event, which may have erotic thrill as well. Event of this kind takes place at Darling Cabaret and we are pretty sure you won’t leave until late in the evening. No matter you are in the company of your friends, girlfriend or wife, in Darling Cabaret everyone will have his or her whale of time. It is not only the great spectacle, but also the ambience of the Cabaret and a group of gorgeous girls who make this place worth coming to. The Cabaret is literally stuffed with Czech girls – you can spot up to 150 of them who belong to Darling Cabaret ensamble. Big number, isn’t it? Confrontation with a beautiful girl is inevitable in the Cabaret. If you turn your sight from the beauty who is passing by to the bar, there will be another smiley chick asking what kind of drink you would like to have. The strip dancers of Darling Cabaret can hit the floor and make you or your friend a nice birthday croth-rubbing dance called lap dance.

Let’s see what Saturday has:The Cabaret is open from 12.00 so that you can head for it straight after the lunch if you can’t wait till the evening comes. The grand show, however, is held from 22.00 and begins with Darling Baroque Ballet show. An hour later, there is another ballet show. You’ll find yourself in the midst of beautiful Cleopatra servants. Before the midnight bells of Prague towers strike midnight, the magician and his assistants will play little tricks on you.

The new-born Sunday will be welcomed by a glowing parade of girls in latex costumes which is every SM mistress fond of. Money Ballet show will be followed by XXL show full of gracefully moving big ladies. Stay with us and you won’t miss the favourite LIVE EX performance. The last ballet show is an ode to worldwide favoured spirit, whiskey and starts at 1.45. The following Lesbian and Autoerotic show will surely get you aroused. The girls are true professionals who won’t let you down.

GO GO dancers will make an ultimate closing to the grand Saturday night at Darling Cabaret.

You won’t find any place better than Darling Cabaret. Our rich program is simply unbeatable.

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