Second candaulist party in Prague

On friday, 7.2. 2014 we´re preparing for you already second candaulist swingers party. It´s still the only party of this kind in Czech Republic.

For now the only of swingers clubs this party is held by Swingers Club Prague 1.

Beginning is at 20:00 and ends at 5 o´clock in the morning.

The first candaulist party was great. That´s why we keep continue and even this second party definitely won´t be the last one.

What is candaulist swingers party?

If you don´t know what candaulist swingers party mean, then it is named after a king Candaul who was showing to his servant his naked woman. She had no idea about it. But once Candaul´s wife caught him, she offered him 2 choices, how to expiate this „terrible act“ – to kill himself or his king…

If you desire your wife to find someone else to have sex with, this is a great opportunity to ask her.

And if she agrees, now you already know where to find an appropriate lover – at our candaulist swingers party in Prague.

Candaulist swingers – how much is it?

Couple 250 CZK (no drinks included)

Couple 1200 CZK (drinks included)

Male1000 CZK (no drinks included),

Male 2000 CZK(all inclusive)

Female 100 CZK(all inclusive)

As usually we´ll draw a voucher to Babylon aquapark worth 3.000 CZK.

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